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    Let us give you clues depending on who your are.

    You love to read

    Dymens.io offers you simply the best reading experience EVER. Period. Read, and get all the valuable information, tips and ambiance surrounding what you read. Characters story, events timeline, maps, music, images, glossary… Everything is there without even taking your nose out of your story. Just take a deep breath… and dive in.

    You’re a fan

    You love a particular universe? Dymens.io will be an encyclopedia for you… In which your contribution will be deeply valued. Help build the world in which you would dream to live. Then just watch it come to life with the help of other writers. We’ll do our best to provide you with the best licenses in storytelling history.

    You build worlds

    You’re a storyteller. You have thousands of ideas for creating a new epic world with outstanding characters and passionate events. Dymens.io is made for you. Don’t just write a story. Create an entire universe. Build a complete experience… Then open it to other contributors if you’d like to grow it into an entire franchise of stories.

    You like to write

    You write novels, fanfictions, short stories, poetry… Anything worth sharing is worth publishing on Dymens.io. Find here the most convenient interface for online writing. Add great elements to your work with powerful tools of storytelling. We’ll provide ways to monetise your content and to earn revenues from your creation.

    Here you will find all the universes available in our reality.

    You can find a lot of things on Dymens.io without loggin’in, but…

    Read the whole book

    Most of the stories will only display their first chapters to anonymous users. Enough to give you an overview… But if you like what you see, you will definitely need an account.

    And all that for free?

    Yes! Well… At least right now. Our goal will be to keep an open platform. If you’re requested to pay someday, it will be to get access to more content from top editors. But the functionalities will remain free.

    Get involved when you dive

    If you want to comment, edit, and add new contents on those worlds you get to know about, we’ll definitely need to know who you are. Creating content is locked to known users. Just connect with us!

    How are you gonna live?

    We have the same question for you pal! You’ll write content with us… Let’s try to find ways to all get a fair price and a fair share of revenues once readers will form a big enough community.

    Be tracked by our analysts

    Ouh… That sounds scary… But getting to know you a bit will help us improve our platform, and propose you tailed content and information about the universes you follow. It’s for you own good.


    Universe name


    It’s not much, but hey… We’re just warming up!


    Ok, they’re not all completely honest. But they could be.

    Jules Verne

    Around the universe in 80 seconds

    “When I find myself in need of inspiration or creativity, I go on Dymens.io and I’m sure to find people who can give me a push to reach the stars.”

    Jules Verne

    Serious Adventurer

    Jane Austen

    No prejudice along the road

    “It’s good to find so many people to continue the fight. We need more people to fight for equality, freedom… and a bit of romance too. “

    Jane Austen

    Author Pride


    2016: A digital Odyssey

    “Thanks to Dymens.io, I can finally recall the relationships between all my characters in the Iliad. We don’t want cousins to mate each other do we?”


    More Spartiate than a regular Simpson


    Journey to the Middle of the Earth

    “You see, the only problem with Mordor is that Google Maps hasn’t gone there yet. But Dymens.io is there to save the day. Fuckin’ Eagles.”

    J.R.R Tolkien

    Uruk-hai Lord

    Edgar Allan Poe

    Extraordinary voyage

    “I’ve always wanted to make a link between Valdemar and the Masque of the Red Death. It would be magical!”

    Edgar Allan Poe

    Little Flower of Evil

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